State of XR and Immersive Learning


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2019-20 Expert Panel Activities

Just in Time Learning (micro-learning)

Just in time learning is when a learner access learning resources at a point of need and is typically a short learning experience (e.g. watch a how to video). Related terms are micro-learning, performance support, and bite-sized learning. XR technologies represent a new learner experience to access and consume JITL content. For example, while on a nature walk, a person could ask a question about something they see (e.g. a tree) and with AR visualization a info card could pop up around the tree that has a label and option to watch a video about some related info.

Define the need/opportunity if it has not been defined yet OR expand on the current definition if you believe that is necessary. Learner-, context-, and/or situation-specific conditions may be relevant here.

Illuminate any concrete examples of the need/opportunity in action.

Align effective pedagogies with XR and immersive learning technology usage that, in tandem, can fulfill the need/opportunity.

Imagine the possibilities for the future of learning, teaching, training, and/or scholarship if XR and immersive learning technologies are applied effectively in service of fulfilling the need/opportunity.

Scan any relevant literature you are aware of that relates to the need/opportunity; what are the most pressing overall themes you observe from the literature? (Share any direct URLs.)

Ask any questions that are critical for addressing in order to fulfill the need/opportunity.