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Lack of Common Language



What is a VR or MR experience? Is it a game, a scenario, a program, a place, a layer? We lack the basic language to describe the things that we are making and we lack the language to critique or discuss them properly. The language we have is inherited from existing media and likely serves to confuse rather than clarify the potential of the medium. From a market perspective this means that it is difficult to pitch ideas to financial backers while from a creative point of view it means an inability to contextualize new ideas.

Define the barrier if it has not been defined yet OR expand on the current definition if you believe that is necessary. Learner-, context-, and/or situation-specific conditions may be relevant here.

Illuminate any concrete examples of the barrier in action.

Pinpoint the technical limitations involved, if applicable.

Imagine potential solutions to knock down the barrier.

Scan any relevant literature you are aware of that relates to the barrier; what are the most pressing overall themes you observe from the literature? (Share any direct URLs.)

Ask any questions that are critical for addressing in order to knock down the barrier.