State of XR and Immersive Learning


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2019-20 Expert Panel Activities

Interfaces for XR

Research is needed in the frame of interfaces for XR, especially when learning is concerned. In fact, if often happens that users engaged in XR-based learning experiences struggles trying to understand how to work with the particular user interface (graphics, hand controllers, gestures, gaze, voice, etc.) before actually focusing on the actual learning goal. This is indeed an issue even in non-learning, e.g., pure entertainment-oriented, settings, but it is particularly critical when it makes the primary – educational in this case – goal harder to achieve.

Define the need/opportunity if it has not been defined yet OR expand on the current definition if you believe that is necessary. Learner-, context-, and/or situation-specific conditions may be relevant here.

Illuminate any concrete examples of the need/opportunity in action.

Align effective pedagogies with XR and immersive learning technology usage that, in tandem, can fulfill the need/opportunity.

Imagine the possibilities for the future of learning, teaching, training, and/or scholarship if XR and immersive learning technologies are applied effectively in service of fulfilling the need/opportunity.

Scan any relevant literature you are aware of that relates to the need/opportunity; what are the most pressing overall themes you observe from the literature? (Share any direct URLs.)

Ask any questions that are critical for addressing in order to fulfill the need/opportunity.