State of XR and Immersive Learning


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2019-20 Expert Panel Activities

VR and AR: It’s not just about Gaming!

As was the case in previous surveys, gaming again led the pack when it comes to how the technology could be applied. Fifty-four percent of respondents said gaming is where they expect to see the most investing in the development of immersive technology or content in the next 12 months. Not far behind, 43 percent of respondents chose healthcare and medical devices. There was a strong diversity of answers to the question – education, military and defense, and manufacturing and automotive were all chosen by at least 20 percent of respondents—an indication of how the space is maturing.

Define the barrier if it has not been defined yet OR expand on the current definition if you believe that is necessary. Learner-, context-, and/or situation-specific conditions may be relevant here.

Illuminate any concrete examples of the barrier in action.

Pinpoint the technical limitations involved, if applicable.

Imagine potential solutions to knock down the barrier.

Scan any relevant literature you are aware of that relates to the barrier; what are the most pressing overall themes you observe from the literature? (Share any direct URLs.)

Ask any questions that are critical for addressing in order to knock down the barrier.