State of XR and Immersive Learning


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2019-20 Expert Panel Activities

Intelligent Virtual Environments

Current available virtual reality platforms (e.g., OpenSimulator, Second Life) or virtual environment toolkits typically focus on visual realism and the graphical support of the VE, rather than the addition of intelligence. For example, it is difficult to attach explicit knowledge representation facilities (e.g., physics properties, capability of sensing and interacting with other objects, agents, or the environment) to virtual objects in VE. Autonomy, sensing capability, and the functionality that enables context-sensitive reaction or expression of virtual agents in VE are vastly limited.

Define the catalyzing technology if it has not been defined yet OR expand on the current definition if you believe that is necessary.

Illuminate any concrete examples of the enabling technology in action.

Pinpoint any technical limitations of the enabling technology.

Imagine the possibilities for the future of teaching, learning, and/or creativity if the catalyzing technology is applied effectively in tandem with XR.

Ask any questions that are critical for addressing in order to effectively leverage the catalyzing technology in tandem with XR.